Student Scholarships

Al-Maarif University College grants some students scholarships, rewards and various financial facilities for its students and employees, including; Granting family-members of the martyrs, the injured (themselves), political prisoners, siblings, instructors’ families and employees.

The college also offers other financial incentives for excellent and top students. Below, we outline the percentages of scholarships provided from tuition fees:

1. Martyrs’ families (25% of all stages except for the first stage)

2. The families of the martyrs of first year students who are accepted via Martyrs channel (50%)

3. The injured (themselves) (25%)

4. Political prisoners (25%)

5. Family-members of instructors from inside and outside the college (25%)

6. Demonstrators  and college staff (25%)

7. Two siblings (one is exempted by 25%)

8. The three siblings (one of them is exempted by 50%)

9. The four siblings (each of them is exempted from 25% or by agreement one is exempted from all the fees)

10. The top three in each year of each level are exempted at a rate of (25%).

11. One of the student spouses (one of them is exempted by 25%)

12. Father and son students (one of them is exempted by 25%)

It is worth noting that there are special cases and exceptions for those who abstain from being granted by the Dean of the College.