A Scientific Seminar Entitled Current Trends in Aesthetic Dentistry

On Monday, 9th October 2023, the Department of Dentistry at Al-Maarif University College held a scientific seminar entitled (Current Trends in Aesthetic Dentistry) presented by Dr. Mohammed Abdulmunim with several students of the departments. The most important topics of the seminar were the importance of aesthetics dentistry and its development in recent years, as well as the emergence of devices and materials that make dental treatment easier and better to get a more beautiful and brighter smile. During the seminar, some topics related to aesthetics dentistry and the materials used in this field and the latest techniques used were discussed to maintain the teeth and treat them to appear in an approach to the natural. The seminar was attended by the Head of the Department of Dentistry, the Rapporteur of the Department and several dental lecturers and students.

كلية المعارف الجامعة الموقع الرسمي