By the Name of Allah the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

Praise be to Allah, and may blessings and peace be upon His Messenger Mohammed (peace be upon him), his family and all companions.

Al-Maarif University College is the sixth private college in Iraq since its establishment on the 4th October of the year of 1994.

It is one of the scientific edifices that has worked its way towards advancing the scientific and academic level until it became well-known despite all the difficulties and circumstances it has experienced. It is in a constant quest for its advancement to be advanced with the Arab and international universities by developing scientific research and publishing its results in local, Arab and international journals.

In addition, holding international and local scientific conferences in humanitarian, economic, medical, information technology and other fields to keep abreast of scientific developments and new developments.

The College has thirteen Departments in the human and scientific disciplines, five of which are in the field of health and medicine: Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Techniques and Medical Instruments Engineering Techniques.

Furthermore, it has a well-rounded scientific journal in humanities and another one in pure sciences. It also has a research centre, a quality assurance unit, an information technology unit and other service units, as well as a large library that helps the researchers and scholars from inside and outside the college.

Throughout its career, the College has provided society with the scientific and administrative competencies from which it graduated to advance society in teaching, administration, judiciary, technical engineering, civil and medical, legal consultations and others.

It also participated in providing awareness-raising services to address many economic, banking, judicial and community-based issues of smoking, drugs, domestic violence, etc., through holding seminars, workshops, posters, awareness leaflets and publishing documentaries through social media networks.

It is also in contact with local, Arab and international public and private universities and colleges through the conclusion of scientific, cultural and academic exchange agreements resulting in the exchange of experiences, information and joint research and the hosting of competencies from teachers, students and other activities that would raise the college’s scientific level.

Today, it has been thirty years since the College continued to disseminate moderate science and ideas to develop and build Iraq and contribute to the service of society by sharing their hopes and providing them with consultations.

In conclusion, I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who contributed to the College’s progress and development from founders, college boards, deans and their collaborators, department boards, professors, administrators, and employees of all units.

May Allah Bless All

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Abdulmalek AlSaadi
The College Dean