Educational Counseling Unit

The Educational Counseling Unit is concerned with following up on students’ problems, such as academic delay and family problems, such as divorce, that affect the student’s performance and academic future. And it refers acute psychological problems to psychotherapy, ensuring that they are supported and provided with what is necessary for them to be competent students in the study and qualify them to work after graduation and serve the community. Counseling is an interactive relationship between the mentor and the mentor, through which the guide has the psychological atmosphere or the appropriate conditions that enable the guided to express so that he is able to choose and solve the problems facing him. As for educational counseling: it helps students to understand themselves, evaluate their performance, and work on their own capabilities. Psychological counseling: it is the professional relationship and the mutual human link through which interaction, influence and influence take place between two parties, both of whom are specialists and he is the guide and the other guided, where the psychological counselor should help the guide to solve the problems he suffers from.

The educational counselor is one of the faculty members qualified to study students ’educational, social and behavioral problems by collecting information related to these problems, whether this information is related to the student and his environment in order to gain insight into his problem and help him to think of appropriate solutions while examining the appropriate solution required by the guide. 

Functions of the Educational Counseling Unit:

  • Developing a plan for the educational counseling program that includes defining the program’s objectives and identifying students ’needs and educational and psychological problems.
  • Determining the academic excellence and the late students, and setting up a program for both.
  • Contribution to the development of the guide’s ability to face problems, reach their problems, and develop their decision-making capabilities.
  • Developing social bonds with students ’parents through visits and meetings.
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