Administrative unit

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Ms.Hadeel Ahmed

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Mr.Saif Hassan

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Mr.Mohamed Waleed

It is the unit concerned with the affairs of teachers and all employees, and this unit is managed by the director of administration, who holds a bachelor’s degree and has experience and has sold in administrative and organizational matters to the units, procedures and various administrative practices. This unit has many tasks and duties, including:

  • Supervising the management of all college departments, providing the necessary services to them, and following up on the daily regularity of all associates.
  • Executing the orders issued by the Dean of the College in particular, and from the Deanship in general, accurately and honestly.
  • Submitting proposals that would develop the college and aiming at providing the best services for the public good.
  • Follow up on the maintenance, maintenance and daily cleaning of the college building in a manner befitting the status of the college and its academic nature.

This unit has the following sections:

  • Files section: It is a section that saves the files of the college’s employees, administrators and instructors, and this section is managed by one or more employees as needed.
  • Incoming and Outgoing record: It is a department that seizes the books issued by the college by giving them a number and date and editing them, and the books received by it are received from other official and semi-official agencies, and this section is managed by one or more employees as needed.
  • Services section: It is a department concerned with all services work for the college and its students. This department is managed by a group of employees.
  • Stores section: It is a department that is responsible for keeping the college’s furniture and property completely, in special stores for that, with controlling the entry and exit of the store in a special record, and this department is managed by one or more employees as needed.