Scientific research laboratory

The Scientific Research Lab at Al-Maarif University College was established in 2019 as an initiative to promote and support scientific research in areas in need of high computing capabilities. The laboratory has a number of modern high-performance computers and devices that operate with different operating systems Mac, Windows, and Linux distros to support different applications and working environments.
The lab is open to researchers in the fields of artificial intelligence, photographic analysis, encryption, simulation, parallel computing and many different computer fields. The laboratory also supports several peripheral devices and embedded chips for network and robotics research such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino.
The laboratory is under the supervision of the Information Technology Unit and prepares the unit to conduct intensive and numerous workshops to educate and disseminate the culture of practical research among primary study students. Among the workshops it prepared were artificial intelligence workshops, machine learning, deep learning, security, encryption and cyber-attacks, but due to the current health conditions it was decided to postpone these workshops until such time. The lab opens its doors to researchers through the electronic registration form and communication with the Information Technology Unit.