Information Technology Unit

Picture of Mr. Mouhmmad Jasim

Mr. Mouhmmad Jasim

Picture of Mr. Qudama Amer Raheem

Mr. Qudama Amer Raheem

Picture of Mr. Ayoub Iyad Shehab

Mr. Ayoub Iyad Shehab

Picture of Miss. Ruaa Ahmad Muhammad Alazawi

Miss. Ruaa Ahmad Muhammad Alazawi

The Information Technology Unit in Al-Maarif University College is one of the most important and active units, the most vital and productive, and responsible for managing the technical and technological side in the college. The most important duties of this unit are the following:
1. Student audience service and technical support
The unit is keen to serve the college’s students in all their technical matters and related matters, including university mail, official accounts in the system, e-learning sites, and everything they may need in order to complete the educational process as fully as possible.
2. Management of the electronic system and the database
The internal system used is the most important technical asset in the college because it contains information for students, teachers and employees in a database with the latest programming languages and the highest levels of protection.
3. Website Management (
The website is one of the most important technical assets of the college, if not the most important one, because it represents the first electronic identity of the University’s Knowledge College and from this standpoint the administration pays great attention to the site and is at the top of the unit’s priorities. It is also worth noting that the site is in constant development and continuous management to be at the highest level Efficiency and high performance in terms of content, its renewal and its keeping pace with the increasing requirements, in terms of technical professionalism, means of presentation, presentation and continuous software development.
4. Managing the fingerprint system
The system for following up the entry and exit of the college’s employees and organizing the time, regular and sick vacations.
5. Management of networks and servers and their periodic maintenance and maintenance
The unit supervises the security, maintenance and updating of servers and laboratories’ internal networks, and the connection with the Internet. The unit also supervises the maintenance of the computerized monitoring and follow-up system and provides it with the latest technologies.
6. Managing and making statistics and reports
The unit prepares detailed comprehensive reports, which include university statistics, periodic quarterly and annual statistical reports, and others as needed. The statistics include numbers of accepted students, graduates, successful graduates, failers, and many others.
7. Preparing and developing various systems
The unit develops multi-use systems according to the need of the college.
8. Preparing courses and workshops
The unit has an educational and awareness role for the college’s students and staff about the use of different systems and their mechanism of operation, including courses, workshops and recorded videos.
The unit’s staff includes high-level competencies in database management, website development, information security, networks, statistics, and maintenance.