Medical Instruments Engineering Techniques Department

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The Department of Medical Instruments Engineering Techniques

The department of Medical Instruments Engineering Techniques was established in the academic year 2022-2023. Al-Maarif University College took it upon itself to establish the department of instruments engineering techniques for the needs of Al-Anbar province. Based on the directives of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, after conducting several studies on this subject and what the new department required of material and human capabilities, the approval of the minister was obtained to establish the department according to act No. 13160 to accept the graduates of the preparatory studies – branches of scientific, biological, applied, and industrial in the branches of medical instruments, electronic and control, electrical, and electric communication in the department according to the regulations of accepting. The college was keen to hire lecturers who are known for their competence, and scientific and research ability to be the staff of the department, who specialized in the science of electronic engineering, controlling, and communications. On the other hand, the college has paid attention to equipping the department with the devices, equipment, and materials necessary to conduct the educational process in the department correctly, to provide the students of the department with the required skills, and to prepare them for community service. The department grants a bachelor’s degree in Medical Instruments Engineering Techniques after four years of studying.