Qualification, Employment and Follow-up Unit

Qualification, Employment, and Follow-up Unit

The Qualification, Employment, and Follow-up Unit has been founded due to college issue no. (2360) in (13/6/2022). This unit is thought to be the link between the college and alumni, and the unit is directly linked to the Scientific Assistant’s vice-Dean office.


Improving the performance of college alumni and raising their efficiency by developing educational outcomes that make them able to compete in the labor market.


To achieve Perfection and leadership enhancement amongst colleges of science in Iraqi universities by the improvement of educational outputs and making them suitable for the requirements of the labor market.


  1. Develop educational outputs and make them appropriate to the requirements of the labor market
  2. Persistence of communication between alumni and the college
  3. Developing the skills and capabilities of graduates through holding workshops and seminars.
  4. Activating the summer training for students and guiding them to train in the right place in the private and public sectors.
  5. Working to provide the best guidance, counseling, follow-up, training, and rehabilitation for alumni, which leads to the development of their capabilities and qualifies them to the requirements of the labor market.
  6. Providing a database in the most required careers to facilitate the accommodation of college graduates in both public and private sectors.
  7. Giving a clear picture of the labor market for alumni in terms of unemployment problems and needs for the labor market of human staff.


  1. Establishing a database of alumni to be an outlet for employers to choose the best for vacancies.
  2. Publication of the names of alumni at the end of each academic year.
  3. Holding workshops and discussion seminars on job search skills (CV writing). Conducting a personal interview … etc.
  4. Opening a section on the college website containing news that is of interest to alumni and as a port between alumni and the college.
  5. Making brochures aimed at providing the best types of guidance, guidance, follow-up, training, and rehabilitation for alumni.
  6. Inviting the distinguished alumni to give lectures and scientific seminars of interest to the student and stimulate their performance.
  7. Inviting a number of professionals and the labor market and surveying their views on the college alumni.
  8. Inviting a number of alumni to consult with them on what they deem appropriate and necessary to do through the qualification, employment, and follow-up unit.
  9. Preparing questionnaires to survey institutions’ opinion about the level of college alumni and working to develop their performance.
  10. Establishing an annual day for alumni to be summoned and listened to their observations and their problems.
  11. Preparing an annual guide for college alumni.
  12. Providing advice and consultations by answering all inquiries for alumni through the college website.
  13. Conducting questionnaires about the level of performance of alumni of the College of Science in their work.
  14. Establishing a database on the fields of labor that can attract alumni of the college of Science in both the public and private sectors
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