AUC Participated in the Workshop on the Importance of Scientific Research in International Rankings

On Monday, 4th March 2024, the Manager of the Unit of Academic and Quality Performance representing the Deanship of the College, participated in the scientific workshop entitled (Boosters of Academic Scientific Research and its Impact on Upgrading the Rankings of Iraqi Universities), held in the hall of the Prime Minister – National Security Adviser – Al-Nahrain Hall for Strategic Studies. The workshop was held in the presence of a member of the Parliamentary Education Committee, Mr. Firas Al-Muslimawi, many deans of colleges, and managers of units of public and private universities. This workshop aimed to identify the most important topics that would raise the level of scientific research to enter into the international rankings (Times, Shanghai and QS), as well as to explain the methods of analysis of large data in related disciplines. This participation came in the light of the interest of the College and its keenness to keep pace with the changes of the times and invest in its human cadres by cooperating with experts and keeping abreast of the latest results and developments in various fields of scientific research.

كلية المعارف الجامعة الموقع الرسمي