Participation of a Lecturer from AUC in a Discussion Committee

On Monday, 30th October 2023, the Asst. Prof. Dr. Maysa Ali Abd Al-Khaleq the lecturer of Department of Pharmacy participated in the discussion committee of Mateen Adel Mahmood, student in the Pharmacology Branch – College of Medicine – Al-Nahrain University about his entitled thesis (Antiproliferative and antiangiogenic activity of the phenolic and terpene fraction of Prunus Arabica on breast cancer cell lines (AMJ 13) and (SKG) ), which was held in the Hall of the Pharmaceuticals Branch at the College. The lecturer was given a letter of thanks and appreciation from the Dean of the College of Medicine, Al-Nahrain University, Prof. Dr. Anis Khalil Nayel, for the efforts made in discussing the thesis.

كلية المعارف الجامعة الموقع الرسمي