A Collaborative Seminar between Al-Maarif University College and College of Education for Girls – Anbar University

On Sunday, 5th November 2023, in collaboration with the College of Education for Girls – Anbar University, the Department of Medical Laboratories Techniques at Al-Maarif University College held a scientific symposium entitled (Medicinal Plants and its Role in Cancer Treatment), which was given by:

  • Prof. Dr. Ashwaq Hamid Talibt: College of Education for Girls – Department of Biology.
  • Asst. Lec. Sura Hassan Hamad: Al-Maarif University College – Department of Medical Laboratories Techniques.

The seminar explained the most important active substances contained in medicinal plants and their extensive uses in the field of medical and preventive cancer diseases.

Several trials of people with cancer have shown that using some medicinal herbs helps them alleviate serious illness. Alternative cancer treatments may not play a direct role in cancer recovery, But it can help cope with signs and symptoms resulting from cancer and its treatments health, including anxiety, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, pain, difficulty sleeping and stress, as well as the cost of plant therapy is very cheap compared to the cost of chemotherapy for cancers.

كلية المعارف الجامعة الموقع الرسمي